About Us

Wunderfolds is a CFA registered Scottish Fold breeder located in Fort Mill, SC.  Our cats are selected for their great looks and come from breed winning lines from across the world.  All of our cats are raised in our home underfoot and kittens receive plenty of one on one attention and are well socialized and litter trained.  Our kittens are health checked, wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and altered prior to being placed in their new homes. They are allowed to leave around 14 weeks of age.  

All of our kittens, whether fold or straight ear, have the wonderful personalities Scottish Folds are known for. We began our love of the breed after viewing a YouTube video of a Scottish straight named Maru.  We only have a handful of litters per year so if you are interested in a kitten please contact us to discuss getting on our waitlist. 

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All of our cats are tested FIV/FeLV & PKD FREE!

Proud to be Cat Kingpin certified

Scottish Fold Mutation

 The folded ears are produced by a single dominant gene mutation. Two folded ear Scottish Folds CANNOT be crossed and would cause a form of crippling arthritis! For this reason, all kittens will be sold as pets and spayed/neutered prior to being placed in their forever homes.
The likelihood of producing a folded ear Scottish Fold crossed with a straight ear cat is 50% for folded ears and 50% straight ears. Therefore, we should expect several straight ear Scottish Folds as well. Please remember that these are only probabilities and all straight ears or all folded ears are always possible. 

Why is Pedigree Important?

 We only breed top quality, champion pedigree, TICA registered kittens at Wunderfolds. Why is pedigree so important? This is what we use to check for any genetic issues that could be in their lineage to ensure everyone gets the healthiest kitten possible.